The Curragh
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ARR 2 "Sliab Na mBan" (Matt McNamara) ARR 2 "Sliab Na mBan" ( Matt McNamara) ARR 2 "Sliab Na mBan" (Matt McNamara) ARR 2 "Sliab Na mBan" (Matt McNamara) Matt McNamara if front of ARR 2 "Sliab Na mBan"
Christmas Day 2004 Signal Workshop Class 1960  (Joe Connolly) Troop "B" 1st Armoured Car Sqn 1944 NCO's Course December 1963 McDonagh Bks  (Joe Connolly) Christmas Day 2004
Armoured Car on Exercise 1943-44 (R.S.M. T Hall Cavalry School) Comet Tank Crossing a Baile Bridge (R.S.M. T Hall Cavalry School) Davie Scott & Reggie Darling unveiling a monument to the founders on the A.S.M. (Joe Connolly) Crown Froces Band at the Curragh 1912 Quinn family at the Curragh "The Wakefield Trophy Monument"
Churchill Tank and Trailer Accident (R.S.M. T Hall) Churchill Tank Recovery Churchill Tank Crew in Training. Comet Tank in the pit in "Tin Town" Comet Tank Crew in Training at Donnollys Hollow
Motorcycle Instructors Course Motorcycle Instructors Course Motorcycle Display Team Taking a fall at Donnollys Hollow 1950's Taking a fall at Donnollys Hollow 2003 (Some things never change !)
Comet Tanks & Crews on GOC inspection. GOC's Inspection GOC's Drive Past. Landsverg Shooting in the Glen of Imall Crew of a Ford Armoured Car load up.
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