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Here in Ireland there is written evidence of horse racing dating back to the third century when chariot races were held at the "Cuireach" - the Gaelic word for racecourse, on the lands known today as the Curragh. Little has changed over all the centuries as the Curragh is still the home of Irish horse racing.

Finish at the Curragh

Indeed the Curragh is the headquarters of Flat Racing in Ireland, hosting all five Classic Races and up to thirteen other quality race meetings. The Curragh Racecourse is owned and managed by the Irish Turf Club, founded in Kildare in the 1760's to encourage the sport of Horse Racing and which continues today as the regulatory body for Racing throughout Ireland.

Nothing makes an Irish heart beat faster than the thunder of hooves in the finishing stages of a great race. This national passion finds no greater outlet than on Irish Derby Day - the single greatest event in Irish Horse Racing.

This "Definitive European Middle-Distance Classic" combines the finest spectacle of thoroughbred racing with a popular determination to have the most fun day possible in a single day.

This event must be experienced to be understood.